How To Buy A Digital Hearing Aid System

How To Buy A Hearing Aid

The following points are not meant to be an exhaustive list but more to act as a means of guidance to ensure the main things are covered.

1.Do Shop Around.
It may seem an obvious point but research has shown that nearly 90% of hearing aid purchases take place where the customer has only been to one hearing aid specialist.

2.People Buy From People.
Many people purchase a hearing aid system because they like the dispenser. After all they are the one who is going to look after your hearing health. With this in mind, what kind of person are they? Are they professional? Are they a Registered Hearing Aid Audiologist? Are they patient centred or sale centred? Do they have all the necessary equipment to carry out a proper hearing test? What trial period do they offer? Do they explain all the options available and explain all the associated costs involved? Will they provide on-going after care and support?

3.Compare Prices.
Do your research and find like for like products and compare their prices. Find out exactly what is included in the price of the hearing aid system, including warranties, insurance,any extra costs. Are there any charges incurred if you want to cancel the order during any trial period?
Please note that some High Street retailers try to avoid the scrutiny of consumer price comparison by putting their own brand on their hearing aids. Always try to find out the manufacturer and the level of technology.

4.Always Obtain A Written Supply Form
It may again seem obvious but it is really important to get everything in writing. Everything that has been promised, supplier’s details, the manufacturer’s name, the model and style of the hearing aid, the price, the length of any trial period, any associated costs and details of the warranty.

5.Involve Family And Friends.
When going for a test and finding out about your hearing, take someone else with you. Not only will they be there to support you but they can help you by offering a different opinion about the provider. You do not have to make a decision there and then . You should never be pressured into making a decision. Nor should you make a decision based on emotions because it can be emotional when hearing loss is corrected and you hear properly for the first time in a while or even years. Try to be logical and assess the real benefits of the hearing aids.

And finally, a bit of classic fun!

Until next time…

By Chris Scire