How To Successfully Wear Hearing Aids


I wrote this book to share some simple strategies to enable someone to achieve success with their hearing aid. Most people are surprised at how many factors are involved in providing them with the right hearing aid solution.

People who buy hearing aids have genuine concerns and they want to get it right and know that their investment was a good one.
They are concerned that it will be visible and people will know they have a hearing loss.

They are concerned about whether they can handle it or not. They are concerned about whether the benefit of the aid will justify the cost involved.
And they are concerned that it will not work well and leave them disappointed.

It is hoped that by producing this guide, these and other concerns can be addressed and overcome.

What is encouraging, is that today, more options are available than ever to help the patient find acceptance of a hearing aid solution that is personal to them. It is not necessarily buying the best hearing aid on the market but of buying a hearing aid that the patient is willing to wear. This is certainly the best hearing aid money can buy.


This book will help you to overcome the barriers that are there that hinder hearing aid success. There are so many documented benefits to wearing hearing aids that it seems a shame that so many of them end up in the drawer. This includes both NHS as well as private hearing aids if the truth be told.

I have met many a private patient who has come to my clinic who simply doesn’t wear their hearing aid any more. This is generally due to various unresolved issues with the performance of the hearing aid and of the hearing aid retailer.

If with the right attitude and support the patient can overcome these barriers then a new quality of life is waiting to be accessed that can transform lives of both the individual and loved ones.

If you are such a person who has encountered a barrier to better hearing then I would like to encourage you to pick up where you left off. Read the chapters, renew your determination, and overcome whatever the issue is and enjoy better hearing.

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Until next time…

Chris Scire