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5 ASM 12 Strategies For More Customer Reviews

5 ASM 12 Strategies For More Customer Reviews

how to get more customer reviews on amazon

Why Are Customer Reviews on Amazon Important?

Any successful seller on Amazon knows how important positive customer reviews are, this is one of the topics covered in the ASM 12 course too. There really is nothing better than a customer publicly stating how great your product is. 

Customer reviews are one of the main factors that will persuade others to buy your product, it is essentially proof that your product is good.

ASM 12: How Go get More Customer Reviews

The Amazing Selling Machine 12 is the 2020 edition of the training program created by successful Amazon sellers and has been improved upon each year. ASM 12’s aim is to help people like you earn substantial amounts by selling on Amazon. Their entire course and all its contents comes straight from the experiences of successful sellers, so their advice is proven to be true.


Here are 5 easy strategies that the Amazing Selling Machine 12 team came up with, you can apply them to get that all important competitive edge and boost your positive customer reviews for your products.

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Strategy #1: Engage with People Online

It is important to understand your target audience, especially if you are trying to build a brand. You need to focus on who you are selling to, and find out where they socialise online. For example: if you are selling to mothers, they will usually be on Facebook groups, Instagram, different hashtags and maybe even forums.

Once you have found a large group of potential customers to target, post on their platforms an invitation offer for product testers to join your group.

Create a Facebook group where your audience can see the products you are creating for Amazon and be a part of the process by engaging with them.

If you do this before your product even launches, you may even have a tribe of followers eager to buy and try the product you have all been discussing on the Facebook group. It may also be wise to include some sort of exclusive offer to make it impossible to refuse! Follow up on their purchase by asking for a positive review. This group of people will be much more likely to leave a review for someone they really care about.

Strategy #2: Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

This strategy is simple, but effective. This service costs $60 but guarantees five star qualified reviews for your product.

Strategy #3: Use Facebook Advertising to Run a Competition

Before you launch your product, try running a competition that offers a ‘high perceived value product’. This is something that your customer would really want to use, rather than something generic that would attract competition junkies.

This is also a great way to engage with your customers and create a customer list, asking for a follow-up review when necessary. 

Strategy #4: Include an Offer With Your Product Insert

Simply having a product insert is not enough, it is important to think about what you will say on the product insert.

Consider creating an offer that has a very high perceived value for the customer, something that will really entice them and make them take action. For your first batch of inventory you may want to try a really aggressive offer to gain lots of customers and more reviews. This kind of offer could be a buy one get one free or something like that. Remember you can change your offers to suit your needs.

Try and set up a customer list and subscribers, you can set timed messages to enquire about their experiences and ask for a review. 

Strategy #5: Don’t Just Ask For a Review, Engage With Your Customers

Recently, Amazon has made some changes to their Terms and Conditions. One of which is that you are now able to include links in your follow-up emails. While it may be tempting to simply include a link for the customer to write a review, instead try and use that link as a way to make your customer smile by engaging with them positively and get them to reply.

Once you have built a positive rapport with the customer, you can use the ‘request a review button’. Hopefully, since you have been making the customer feel positive about interacting with you, they should feel more inclined about writing that review for you!

We hope these 5 strategies are useful and will help you to get those all important customer reviews!

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Chris Scire

Chris Scire

Hi! I’m Chris. As a Christian entrepreneur, I have been selling online since 2007. I started with Ebay then moved to Amazon in 2013. Although my main income is through my hearing practice, I have found that an extra income stream from selling online has come in handy when I'm hindered by disability and illness. Of all the various methods I've tried, I have found the Amazing Selling Machine course to be the best. So I decided to help others by sharing my opinion about the course.

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